Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tonight's dinner

A double serve of easy mac (the serves aren't large enough) served with half a glass of flat coke.

I remember living off easy mac. I loved the stuff. Every time my Centrelink payments came through I'd buy two boxes and eat dinner for the first time in a week. Back then I'd wash it down with a glass of goon. This was when I was living in Newcastle in the second six months of 2008. They were gloriously boring days - really great for nostalgia.

I just made some easy mac then and holy crap-nails it was awful. Bland like cardboard while the cheesy sauce was both too runny and too gluggy.

I just finished the flat coke and now the flavours of both things are making love in my mouth and giving birth to the grossest breath I've had since I woke up this morning. Two and a half stars.

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