Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey Chatswood. You suck. I don't like you. I'd never been to you before but today I got lost and saw you first hand and I don't like you. I went to a service station and the guy who worked there didn't say anything, not even the price. I pulled out my card and he just pointed to the card swipey thing. Then he stared at my shirt while I punched in my code. It was weird.

I did a poo in the toilet there. It wasn't a very good toilet for pooing. If I had to pick one activity that I think it would be good for I'd probably pick raping. I'm not a rapist, and don't think rape is a good thing but if I was one and thought that it was ok, I'd probably live in you Chatswood, and I'd probably hang out at that service station and develop mad raping skillz.

When I left the service station I drove on your roads Chatswood. Your roads suck too, and the people who drive on them aren't very nice. Perhaps I was tired and angry and upset and confused and lost and unfairly criticising you Chatswood when I should really be criticising my own bad navigation, but I don't care. No stars.

Disclaimer: I in no way think rape is funny. I just wanted to show my dislike for Chatswood at that point in time.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: I made that disclaimer after watching an episode of some true crime show where I was left feeling weird and offensive like some kind of disrespectful fucktard.

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