Friday, February 18, 2011

The Angry Avalon Skatepark Kid

"Get out the way you fucking noob," yelled a girl's voice at Avalon skatepark. I turned to get a look at her. It wasn't a girl. It was a twelve year old boy yelling at his friend.

The mate got out of the way and the Angry Avalon Skatepark Kid rolled in and launched over the box in the middle of the park. Stylish indie grab included. The little fucker never smiled. Just skated around intimidating us.

There was a little scooter guy, maybe 7, there as well. He spent his time cruising around on a scooter and smiling. His mum sat at the side taking photos. Angry Avalon Skatepark kid did not like this at all. Angry Avalon Skatepark Kid had had enough.

"Is that your kid?" He yelled.

The mum nodded.

"You have to move him!"

"What?" The mum asked.

"You have to move him, he's in the way."

Things escalated. Voices were raised. The Angry Avalon Skateboard Kid never backed down. I sat down on a bench and played with my phone. It was tense.

The Angry Avalon Skatepark Kid: He'll disrespect your mum and kickflip on your face. Three stars.

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