Monday, February 21, 2011

William H Macy

This guy is the best. Sometimes I’m watching a movie and a few minutes in he’ll come on screen playing a minor character and I’ll be like, “Ah sweet. This guy is the best.” ‘Cause he is. He was in Boogie Nights, his wife cheats on him in that film so he shoots himself. He’s in Pleasantville. His wife cheats on him that one too, but I don’t think he shoots himself. He hires people to kidnap his wife in Fargo. She ends up dying. He always plays the loser. I think there’s something in his face that makes him a loser. I used to like Phillip Seymour Hoffman the same way but then he started getting lead roles and won an Academy Award. It just wasn’t the same anymore. Now I’m totally on the William H Macy bandwagon. He’s the best. Five stars.

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