Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Being super charming.

Five minutes ago I went and got a coffee and two donuts from this weird little open air bakery at the shops near my work.

"Can I have a coffee and two donuts please?" I asked.

"Sure," said one of the two cute girls behind the counter. They both smiled. One started making a coffee and the other got the donuts while I thought of something super charming to say.

There was pressure. But a super charming guy like myself always finds something super charming to say. Then I thought of it. It was so brilliant that they'd probably fall in love with me and shit.

"Do you guys get, like, cold working here when the weather is cold?" I asked.

"Not really," one answered. "Because of the ovens..."

A weird silence followed. I think they were in awe of my super charm. Four stars.

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