Saturday, February 26, 2011

The greatest actor in the world

It was Mooresy's Birthday and he was having drinks at Windsor Castle. The place blows but Mooresy is a pretty rad dude so I didn't care. What ya gotta know about Mooresy is he's the kind of charismatic guy that says something and you agree with whatever it is. You just do.

I bought a beer and leant against the bar. Happy Birthday Mooresy. How ya been? All that kinda thing.

There was a break in general conversation. Mooresy was wearing a t-shirt with Christopher Walken's face printed on it.

"I dig your shirt man. Christopher Walken is awesome."

Mooresy smiled, "Second best actor in the world."

It left an obvious question, "Who's number 1?"

Mooresy spoke. And when those amazing three syllables vibrated through the confines of Windsor Castle... people listened. People who weren't even a part of the conversation listened.

"Bill Murray."

Everyone - bouncers, bar staff, bar patrons, a stray dog walking past outside - they all nodded in agreement. And it was settled. Bill Murray is the best actor in the world. Bill fuckin' Murray. 5 stars.

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