Sunday, February 13, 2011

Starting a blog.

It's got to be the most self indulgent thing ever (other than wanking and rap music). I've had several. My best was The Third Person Diary of a Guy Called Alvin but I just recently shut that down 'cause me and Alvin don't get to talking much anymore.

I've known lots of people with blogs.

One was a sorta kinda famous fashion blogger.

One was a music writer/crazy/rad person.

One was a girl I went totally mad for. Her name was Courtney and I'd check her blog daily. The posts were generally photos in soft focus of 60s couples and flowers. The sort of thing you'd see in Frankie magazine. Totes cute 'n' stuff.

She'd write little things under them about how she was feeling too. Sometimes those writings were my best indication of how our relationship was going (even while I was staying in her room), most of the time I couldn't tell if they were about me or not.

The more the relationship deteriorated the more I'd check the blog and the more vague her little writings would seem. It drove me insane.

Here is a graph to explain. I call it Gen Y Romance Is Awesome...

The other day a friend of mine started a new blog to immediate and moderate success. It's really great and I'm jealous. But ya know what? Seeing his face light up as he hit the publish post button for the first time reminded me of how cool blogs are.

The easy access to creativity.

The instant gratification.

The excuse to do something instead of Facebook.

Not that there's anything wrong with Facebook. I love Facebook. Whatever.

So this is the new blog. I registered it ages ago but now I'm actually doing it. The premise is a daily review of the inane and dumb things in my life. For reals. They'll be short and self indulgent and embarrassing. This is review number 1: A review of starting a blog. Not very clever huh, the totally obvious and lame reviewing of starting a blog to introduce the blog? Come on, that's pretty pathetic. Let's round this shit up and move on...

Starting a blog: A self indulgent Gen Y phenomenon that encourages creativity. Also a great medium to post pictures of cats. Three stars.

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