Friday, February 25, 2011

That sticky feeling.

I went for a skate earlier. It was all kinds of sweaty. Then I went for a swim. Then I had a shower and dried myself with a dirty towel. Then I got back into my clothes and felt kinda sticky.

I feel clean, but my clothes are clinging to me in a way they didn't in the morning.

What's your deal clothes? Ya miss me? You like my skin more with dried saltwater in it? Hey clothes, I don't think this is working out. I like you, No I really do, I just need some space is all. Sure we can hang out for the rest of the day. No, not because we have to.

You're important to me, but yeah, when I get home, I'm changing. It's true, there are other clothes in my life. No I don't love them more, don't be so silly. Let me finish. I cherish what we had, we had some really good times that I'll never forget. But it's just different with the other clothes. They let me be me ya know. They... get me. I'm Sorry. Two stars.

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