Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Blog

No Stars is fucking lame. I'm over it. I'm gonna shut it down soon and do something different. Something that is actually good.

Till then, here is a small story that lives up to the disgustingly poor level of storytelling you've come to expect on this blog:

When I went to New York, I went to this bar called Max Fish a couple of times. Working behind the bar was a girl that I decided then and there was probably the most beautiful girl in the world – something I decide whenever I see any girl with a nice smile without a swastika tattooed to her forehead. I didn't talk to her or anything, 'cause this was in real life and not in a movie. I just ordered my beers and sat around awkwardly with people I didn't know that well and tried not to look at her.

I forgot all about that until last night I read my neighbours copy of Russh Magazine and came to this page.

It was her! And she had a name. Shelley Zander. Confirmed then and there. Shelley Zander is the most beautiful girl in the world (if you don't include Emily Browning, Casey Mulligan, Audrey Tatout or my ex-girlfriend).

No stars.