Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Missing posts.

Crap, how quickly did midnight come around?

I didn't even have time to think of something to review. Now I've missed another day even though when ya think about it, and don't get all nerdy technical on me, it isn't really Tuesday yet.

If it were Tuesday already I'd have been in bed and slept maybe a bit and then woken up maybe a bit. I might have even brushed my teeth maybe a bit and headed to work maybe a bit.

It's not even Tuesday in the United States of America yet, and they invented the internet. Fully. Bill Zuckerberg Gates invented it at college to impress girls and now he's a jillionaire and helped start revolutions in the Middle East of North Africa. Nothing gets you girls like helping start a revolution in the Middle East of North Africa. He also starred in Zombieland which was a pretty cool movie.

Bet you Emily Browning would like me if I helped start a revolution and starred in Zombieland. That's pretty much why I started this blog and that's why missing posts is such a bummer.

I reckon if I didn't miss posts for Monday and Saturday I'd have a girlfriend and a less rusty car by now. I'd probably even have some clean socks.

No stars.

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