Thursday, May 12, 2011

The magic gloves

It was a mid week night last winter. I was out drinking with tall guy. We were at big pub in Bondi.

Big pub in Bondi sits opposite White Revolver. It's kinda big and you can get pizzas. When White Revolver closes some people run across the road and keep drinking at big pub. They go because they're yet to find someone to have sex with and feel a horribly cold and desperate emptiness in their lives.

Me and tall guy went to big pub in Bondi.

I was drunk. I was sitting outside and smoking. I was talking to people I didn't know about things I had little knowledge of. I didn't remember their names.

At one point I looked at my hands. They were in gloves.

Whose were they? When did I acquire them? Would they give me secret powers?

Those were questions I could not answer.

Moments later tall guy called a cab and we headed back to the northern beaches.

Last night, almost a year later, I cleaned my room and found the gloves again. I'm wearing them now. My palms are warm, my fingers are cold and I still don't know if they give me secret powers.

4 stars.

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