Friday, May 6, 2011

Looking like Darwin Deez

Wednesday was a sad day even though Spicks and Specks and At The Movies was on. Wednesday was the day I shaved my moustache.

It was sad because while I had a moustache Alan would tell me I looked like Darwin Deez. I can't sing or dance like Mr. Deez, so looking like him was the next best thing. I liked it when Alan would tell me I look like Darwin Deez. Alan doesn't tell me I look like Darwin Deez anymore.

Now that I'm clean shaven I've gone back to looking like that other pop star people say I look like.... the one with the high pitched voice and questionable sexuality.


Looking like Mika is kind of like looking like a sandwich your friend has forgotten about, and then when you remind them that they do know the type of sandwich and have had it before, they just shrug their shoulders and get a tandoori chicken wrap.

I wish I still looked like Darwin Deez. He made having a pedophile's moustache feel lighthearted and fun.

4 stars.

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