Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breaking Promises

I said I'd write one review everyday.

I missed two when I was drunk on the Gold Coast for work.

I've missed like 5 or something since I got back from that evil place because I'm meant to be finishing a magazine and writing this other thing for this other guy and stuff. He called me today (hi Mark) and I was scared to answer, but he was really nice so that made me smile and I like smiling so that was good.

But yeah, I've fully broken the promise I made to this blog and that is super lame. I'm not going to write on here again until all that is finished either. Mad shame, so much interesting shiz is happening.

Like today I went to court and my lawyer had an unusually red face and the dude on trial before me was a British backpacker who was dressed kinda nice. He'd beaten the shit out of his brother who was also a British backpacker. I sat next to him and thought, "he's dressed nice now, but I bet he wasn't dressed nice when he beat the shit out of his brother."

So much good stuff... but no time. No stars.

1 comment:

  1. Being a convicted felon/writer gets you stars Mike. Stars and babes.