Saturday, March 5, 2011

Narrow eyes

My friend draws pictures of people. He can draw girls in this really lovely way. He told me the secret, and it's not just the secret to drawing girls, it's the secret to pretty girls.

I used to think the secret combo was big eyes, small nose but that's wrong. A big nose on a girl can be awesome. No, the secret is wide set eyes.

Man, it's so true. Last night I saw a girl with big wide set eyes and a small nose and I semi fell in love. She was amazing.

The thing about this secret though, is that it comes with knowledge that once known will change your life forever. Ya ready? You sure you wanna hear this? You sure? 'Cause I tells ya, once you realise this thing, it cannot be unrealised.

Ok. Here goes...

While people with wide set eyes are beautiful, people with narrow eyes are fucking weird.

Narrow eyes. My friend told me this, and then all of a sudden I was surrounded by them. Narrow eyes on that guy. Narrow eyes on this guy. Narrow eyes, narrow eyes, narrow eyes. I don't trust em, and for good reason too. Narrow eyes are the trait of swindlers and grifters and other shady types.

Narrow eyes make me uneasy. 1 star.

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